Delhuerto Selección is a family business, with a great tradition in the cultivation and production of natural foods from the Valencian orchard that has passed from generation to generation transmitting the values, wisdom and great effort of their ancestors.

From 1951 to the present, Delhuerto Selección works hard to continue and improve all the family knowledge and add new ones, so Fernando Traver son graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2004 to continue the family legacy and improve it with better knowledge and techniques, always respecting the environment, taking care of the land and offering the best products, the most natural, the freshest and always in search of the highest possible quality.

DelHuerto Selección is committed to product quality. We take care of our crops with care and dedication during the whole process of production, storage and distribution. Our mission is to serve you the best fruits, vegetables and greens always fresh, thus guaranteeing all their nutritional properties, in order to achieve the finest and highest quality products.

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Delhuerto Selección also provides value. All the fruits and vegetables we sell are homegrown, so they are seasonal products.

Delhuerto Selección promotes tailor-made service. We know how important it is to adapt to the needs of our customers. For this reason and thanks to a personalized attention and a fast and efficient distribution we are able to guarantee products of the same day, fresh and natural, thus maintaining all its nutritional properties.

Our facilities are located in Almàssera and Bonrepós y Mirambell, in the province of Valencia, where we have fully equipped warehouses. We also have an important fleet of agricultural vehicles and a large amount of industrial machinery, necessary for the processes that follow our agri-food products. As well as a group of qualified employees who apply their acquired knowledge and skills.


Located in a privileged area, the Valencian orchard is located in a geographical area of very particular characteristics, with an area formed by the contributions of the Turia river and the ravines of Carraixet and Catarroja, with an irrigation network of Islamic origin that ensures water to the last corner and is formed by 8 irrigation ditches that come from the Turia. In addition to a particularly mild climate that allows the good development of their crops throughout the year.

The orchard is one of the most representative elements of the Valencian culture has managed to survive thanks to the tenacity and the good work of the people of the field that with their daily hard work has managed to take advantage of the presence of fertile soils that maintain a high agricultural productivity since, most likely, the Roman times, fruit and reward of the effort is a space that represents one of the most efficient, sustainable and diverse agricultural models in the world.